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For detailed information regarding rider safety, as well as our ADA Guidelines and Ride Accessibility, please see our downloadable Rider Safety and ADA Guide.

Mystery River Log Flume at Frontier City


 Mystery River Log Flume

Family fun awaits as this adventurous log flume ride plunges into the cool water below.

Must be 42” or taller to ride alone. Less than 42” must be accompanied by an adult.


Renegade Rapids at Frontier City



Renegade Rapids

You and your family will tame the wild twists and turns of this river rapids adventure. Get ready because you are guaranteed to get wet!

Must be 38” or taller.

Wild West Water Works at Frontier City

Wild West Water Works

Keep your cool on the largest water activity structure in Oklahoma!

Must be 36″ in bare feet for small slides and 40″ in bare feet for tall slides. Proper swim attire required. Loose articles and attire with exposed metal ornamentation not permitted.

Open until 7:00 PM.


To clarify our position on Prosthetics on waterslides:

We allow prosthetics on waterslides given the following conditions:

1. Riders must be able to safely enter and exit the slides.

2. Riders must be able to assume the prescribed riding position.

3. The prosthetic must not pose a danger to the patron themselves, others in the ride, the riding vehicle and/or the riding surface (which is for the safety of the guests to maintain a safe riding surface). 

4. Efforts should be made to accommodate those with disabilities, where possible.