Frontier City Guest Services

We want your visit to Frontier City to be about fun and family memories. The list below offers general visitor information such as park safety guidelines and policies, rental items, ATM locations, and First Aid. You’ll find tips on what to bring, along with ways to help you make the most of your day!

Severe Weather

During severe weather or nearby lightning, certain rides may need to close. After the threat of severe weather has passed, the rides will re-open.

Lost Parents

Youngsters can wait for their misplaced parents at Guest Relations. Establish a meeting time and place for members of families/groups to gather should anyone get separated. If assistance is needed to locate a lost child, please contact a Team Member.

First Aid

Frontier City’s first aid station is staffed by emergency medical technicians and located at the south end of the park next to the Wildcat.

Guest Relations

Conveniently located at the Mt. View Hotel, next to Quick Draw and Saddlerock Café, to answer questions and provide assistance with special needs.

ATMs are located in the Frontier Trading Company, Gold Rush Games, and the Emporium. Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express are accepted at several locations for the purchase of admission, food, and merchandise.

Food, Beverages, and Coolers

Food, beverages, coolers and grills may not be brought into the park. The only food exceptions are for food allergies as described below and infant food, in non-glass jars. Frontier City prohibits the use of grills and open flames in and around the property, including parking lots.

Food Allergies:

Guests who suffer from sensitivities or life-threatening allergies may bring food into the park if they do not feel comfortable with the menu options available. In this case, the food must be limited to the individual with the allergy and may contain: two sealable sandwich bags (7x8 inches) and one snack to accommodate their visit (such as a piece of fruit, or a fruit bar, or a snack that fits in a sandwich bag). One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items. No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at Frontier City to receive a medical sticker.


All concerts are included with park admission or a current year's Season Pass and take place in Frontier City's Starlight Amphitheater. The Starlight Amphitheater is an open, outdoor venue. A limited amount of seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but you are more than welcome to bring along your own outdoor chairs, blankets, etc. to sit on during the show.

To view this season's concert lineup, click here.

Rentals and Services

Strollers and Wheelchairs are available at Trappers Trading Post and Locker Rentals are available at Frontier Trading Company for a nominal, flat-price charge. All rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. No reservations.

  • Wheelchair Rental: $15.00 with a $25.00 deposit. Must pay deposit with credit card.
  • ECV Wheelchair Rental: $25.00 with a $25.00 deposit. Must pay deposit with credit card. Rental on this vehicle is limited to 6 hours.
  • Single Stroller: $10.00 with a $5.00 deposit.
  • Double Stroller: $15.00 with a $5.00 deposit.
  • Locker Rental: $10.00
Park Re-Entry

If you wish to leave the park and return the same day, please have your hand stamped at the Main Entrance and you will be re-admitted at no extra charge. Double Park Season Pass holders must also get their hands stamped. However, due to special events, re-admission may not always be allowed. Such notice will be posted at the Main Entrance.

Rider Safety and ADA Guidelines

For your safety, Frontier City’s Rider Safety and ADA Guidelines have been developed in consultation with industry professionals, based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, our past experience, and our evaluation of each ride using our knowledge of the ride in both normal and emergency operating conditions.

Please Note: All Guests should be aware that, although remote, there is always the possibility that an emergency situation could occur which would necessitate evacuation from a ride or ride area. These occasions are rare; however, Guests should be aware of this and exercise good judgment before boarding Frontier City’s Rides.

The Management at Frontier City reserves the right to refuse to allow any Guest access to a ride in which they deem unsafe for the individual, or those around them. Please observe all ride rule signs before entering the ride queue. Safety is designed into all areas of Frontier City.

While most of our rides are accessible to those with disabilities, it should be noted that, in the interest of personal safety, some Guests may not be permitted to board certain rides. Ride access criteria is based on any Guest’s ability to:

  • Utilize all safety devices and restraints
  • Meet height requirements
  • Maintain proper riding posture throughout the course of the ride
  • Safely evacuate the ride if needed

For detailed information regarding rider safety, as well as our ADA Guidelines and Ride Accessibility, please see our downloadable Rider Safety and ADA Guide.

Loose Article Policy

Loose articles are defined as cell phones, pagers, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, purses, backpacks, etc. These items may be left in a locker, your vehicle, with a non-rider, or at the owner’s risk on the ride platform.However, Frontier City is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Guests holding loose articles in their hands while on the rides may be ejected from the park without refund. Any guest attempting to retrieve a lost item within a restricted area will immediately be escorted from the park without refund.

Before your visit, please plan ahead and leave irreplaceable items at home or label them with your contact information. We do not save items such as socks and underwear, personal baby items (such as bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups), unmarked film canisters, unmarked disposable cameras, personal toiletry items, and hair accessories.

Lost items will not be retrieved during operating hours. Please see Guest Relations and fill out a Lost Item Report. We will contact you if the item is found. Items will be kept for 7 days after retrieval.

Dress Code

Frontier City has dress codes designed to maintain the park’s family atmosphere and to ensure guest safety. We do not allow clothing generally considered offensive. Profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures of illegal substances, all gang related items or clothing, costumes or disguises that conceal identity and adult full-face makeup are prohibited.    

Frontier City reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code. If you have any concerns about your dress, please contact the Guest Relations office.    

Shirts, shorts/pants, and shoes must be worn at all times, including entering or leaving the front gate. Swimwear must be sufficiently covered. 

Proper swimwear is required to enjoy Wild West Water Works. Male guests must have shorts or swimming attire. Female guests must have a swimsuit or shorts and a swimsuit top. A sports bra can be worn as long as it is dark in color and not transparent. Thong swimsuits are NOT permitted.  No denim/jean shorts or shorts below the knee. Clothing must be hemmed with no frayed edges or metal objects (rivets, buckles, etc.). Shirts are permitted on the slides, but are discouraged since they may slow a guest’s progress down the slide. Swimsuit diapers are required for all diaper dependent guests. Swimsuit diapers are available for purchase at the Emporium. Life vests, hats or bathing caps are prohibited on the slides. Foam water noodles, beach balls, air mattresses, inner tubes, and life-jackets that are not coast guard approved are prohibited. No excessive jewelry on the slides. Minimal jewelry such as a wedding ring, watch or neck chain is permitted. Eyeglasses and sunglasses must have a safety strap. Guests must change into regular clothes (shirts, shorts, and shoes) before returning to the main park.

Non-Permitted Items

Under no circumstances will weapons (guns, knives, or any other item resembling a weapon) or non-service animals be allowed in the park.

Frontier City is a No Drone Zone. Federal law prohibits flying a drone anywhere in Frontier City and violators may face federal, civil, and criminal penalties.
No Drone Zone
Tips for Family Fun
  • Call for park information and show schedules before visiting to take advantage of the best discounts and to plan for the activities and shows you want to see. For special events, concerts, and general park information, call (405) 478-2140.
  • Plan your visit when attendance is lightest. Best bets: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer and any regular operating day during the months of April, May, and September.
  • Weather can be unpredictable, so bring a jacket or sweatshirt for cool evenings. Rent a locker inside the Frontier Trading Post for storage of valuables.
  • No smoking. For the safety and courtesy of other Guests, please refrain from smoking in ride queues. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed buildings, restrooms, theaters, and children’s areas.  Designated smoking areas are posted within the park.
  • Arrange a meeting place and time should your party become separated.
  • Review the park map to familiarize yourself with the park’s layout and assist in planning your day.
  • Plan to begin your day at attractions farthest from the Main Gate.
  • Ride your favorite rides when the park first opens or after 5 p.m.
  • To avoid lines, plan to eat at non-traditional lunch and dinner hours.
  • Make sure children feel comfortable about a ride they are going on. Toddlers will especially like rides and attractions that are “pint-sized”.
  • Infants are only permitted on Ol' 89er Express and Grand Carousel (see ADA Guide for definition of infant).

For information about open positions or to apply online, please visit FrontierCityJobs.com.