ADA Accessibility Guide

For your safety, Frontier City’s Rider Safety and ADA Guidelines have been developed in consultation with industry professionals, based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, our past experience, and our evaluation of each ride using our knowledge of the ride in both normal and emergency operating conditions.

Please Note: All Guests should be aware that, although remote, there is always the possibility that an emergency situation could occur which would necessitate evacuation from a ride or ride area.  These occasions are rare; however, Guests should be aware of this and exercise good judgment before boarding Frontier City’s Rides.

The Management at Frontier City reserves the right to refuse to allow any Guest access to a ride in which they deem unsafe for the individual, or those around them.  Please observe all ride rule signs before entering the ride queue.

Safety is designed into all areas of Frontier City.  While most of our rides are accessible to those with disabilities, it should be noted that, in the interest of personal safety, some Guests may not be permitted to board certain rides.  Ride access criteria is based on any Guest’s ability to:

  • Utilize all safety devices and restraints
  • Meet height requirements
  • Maintain proper riding posture throughout the course of the ride
  • Safely evacuate the ride if needed

For detailed information regarding rider safety, as well as our ADA Guidelines and Ride Accessibility, please see our downloadable Rider Safety and ADA Guide.