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August 25th, 2018 All Day

GIRL SCOUTS WESTERN: Use promo code “western” at frontiercity.com

GIRL SCOUTS EASTERN: Use promo code “eastern” at frontiercity.com

A percentage of the proceeds will go back into helping the Girl Scouts Eastern and Western Council.

If purchasing from a mobile phone:

Go to frontiercity.com.  Click buy tickets.  When online store pops up, click the menu button, then enter the promo code.  This will show the special tickets.

If purchasing from a computer:

Go to frontiercity.com.  In the upper right corner, enter the promo code.  The online store will then pop up with the special tickets.

Offer available online only, not at main gate.  Parking $9 per vehicle.

For park information or questions, email [email protected] or call 405-478-2140 x234.