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Route 666 Motel Scare Zone

Route 666 Motel

Along a quiet stretch of the once famed Route 66, sits a small town named Munhall.

With a dwindling population, the supervising council voted in the summer of 1982, to open its community to a proposed government complex called: D.A.R.C. – Disease Attack Resistance Center. The new government complex promised an influx of commerce and tax revenue that would help ensure the survival of Munhall.

Looking to capitalize on the potential growth, Chris and Daisy Thomson, owners of the ROUTE 66 Motel, offered to house the employees and contractors of the new D.A.R.C. complex, until suitable housing was completed in the spring of 1983.

On October 4, 1982, at 1:42am, Chris awoke to the alert siren emanating from the D.A.R.C. facility. Although the alert had been tested many times, Chris knew this was not a test.

Munhall – 1982 - Population 666.


“We open our community, to the growth and prosperity that lies ahead.”

Chris Thomson - Owner - Route 66 Motel 

“This new complex will be a model of citizen and government cooperation.”