Haunted Attractions

Nightmare Haunted House at Frontier CityNightmare Haunted House
(Additional Fee)

Brave your way through this terrifying maze of horror with over 30 rooms filled with your worst nightmares brought to life. Additional admission fee. Limited Fright-Fast passes available each night.

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 All Scare Zones listed below are FREE with park admission or a Season Pass.

Burial Bayou Scare Zone

Burial Bayou

Death and pain are everywhere you turn in Burial Bayou. The evil voodoo queen, Calypso, has returned to summon her followers to torture anyone who enters her realm.


Carnival of Chaos Fun House

Carnival of Chaos Fun House

NEW! Yin and Yang have returned to the Carnival of Chaos Fun House where terror is waiting around every turn and behind every closed door. Fun for them. Fear for you.

Toymaker's Toy Factory Scare ZoneToymaker's Toy Factory

NEW! While the Toymaker was away, his toys did play – terrifying games of turmoil and tragedy, just as their creator designed them to do. Now that he’s back, will they obey their old master and torture all who enter the Toy Factory?

All haunted attractions open after dark. Parental discretion advised.