Scare Zones

3 Little Piggs at Frontier City

3 Little Piggs

The 3 Pigg Brothers have opened their slaughterhouse to the public and are inviting you to their next dinner. No details on the menu items are available at this time.

Burial Bayou at Frontier City

Burial Bayou
NEW in 2016!

Death and pain are everywhere you turn in Burial Bayou. The evil voodoo queen, Calypso has summoned her followers to torture anyone who enters her realm.

Field of Screams at Frontier City

Field of Screams

The urban legend of Jeepers Creepers has come to life and has taken over the fields of Frontier City. Some local farmers have come to pay homage to this deadly killer, who has come back for his flesh feeding ritual.

Twisted Tunnels at Frontier City

Twisted Tunnels of Terror
NEW in 2016!

Deep beneath Wild West Water Works, lies a maze of sewer tunnels, taken over by a murderous gang, and their leader, The Makara.