Haunted Attractions

Fright Fest Attractions Map Preview

During this year's Fright Fest, the Frontier City gates will open to a petrifying post-apocalyptic world where guests will encounter terrors at every turn as soon as darkness falls. Radioactive mutants, zombies, and monsters emerge nightly for the Festival of Fright Parade at 6:30p before heading to their dead-end at one of these seven horrifying haunted attractions:

  • Nightmare Haunted House, a menacing maze of more than 30 rooms filled with the worst of nightmares brought to life;
  • NEW! Quarantine Breach, a condemned medical facility rife with revolting test subjects and zombies ready for revenge;
  • Carnival of Chaos, a fearsome fun house protected against all intruders by its mutated troupe of performers; and
  • Four FREE spine-tingling scare zones – the return of Toymaker’s Terror Factory and the all-new Butcher’s Bridge, Killbilly’s Homestead, and Beast’s Lair.

This map might help you find your way through the fog... but it will not help you escape.


Haunted Attraction Pricing at the Park:

Fright Fest Haunted Attraction Pricing

Haunted Attraction Passes can be purchased at the Frontier City Ticket Booth, Haunted House Ticket Booth, and all gift shops.