Fright Fest Coffin Challenge

Fright Fest Coffin Challenge

Frontier City is celebrating Fright Fest 2018 with the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge! Six coffin dwellers will be chosen to spend 30 hours in a coffin, from 1:00 pm on Friday, October 19 until 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 20.

The Basics

Coffin dwellers will be allowed to bring a friend along during Fright Fest operating hours, but they must brave the non-operating hours alone. Well, not exactly alone... some of our Fright Fest monsters will be lurking about in the darkness. Anyone who gets out of their coffin for any reason, with the exception of the designated bathroom breaks, will be out of the contest. 

Phones will be accessible, but they may not be used unless the coffin dweller is on a designated break or earns extra time through a challenge (several will take place over the 30 hours). No other technology is allowed

The Winnings

  • $300 
  • Two 2019 Gold Season Passes 
  • A Fright Fest Prize package including two Nightmare Haunted House fast passes and unlimited entry to Quarantine Breach and Carnival of Chaos
  • Their coffin! That's right - the handcrafted coffin is yours to keep!

Registration is now closed. The chosen ones will be emailed Oct. 11.