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Frontier City 2014 Shows 

  • The World of Magic

Opera House  2:00 pm & 4:00 pm

Brand new for the 2014 season, “The World of Magic”! Be entertained with the latest illusions, dance, music, costumes, lights, comedy, and audience participation.  This showis truly unforgettable. 

  • The Wild-West Gunfighter Stunt Show

Crack Axle Canyon  1:00 pm, 4:45 pm, & 6:45 pm

Join our rowdy cast of gunfighters as they duke it out and duel it out “old west style”.  Explosions, shootouts and high falls, oh my!  Kids and adults alike won’t want to miss this action-packed, stunt-show spectacular! 

  • Oklahoma Rising

Opera House  3:00 pm and 5:15 pm

Our talented cast of singers and dancers present a Tribute to the Great State of Oklahoma.  Featuring Will Rogers who will take you through the music eras that made this state great. 

  • Wizards Apprentice

Fort Frontier  12:30 pm and 6:00 pm

This Fantasy tale about the Sword and the Stone will tickle your fancy. Song, dance and a variety of puppet characters will entertain guests of all ages  

  • Two John’s Saloon Revue

Two John’s Saloon  12:30 pm, 2:15 pm, 4:15 pm, & 6:15 pm

Come on over to the “New”  Two John’s Saloon and enjoy our “Revue” complete  with singin and dancing “Girls”.  This production with the hit music of the “1890”s is sure to put a smile on your face, while enjoying mouth watering viddles.

  • Doc Snookers, Medicine Man Show

Thunderbird Plaza  1:30 pm, 3:45 pm & 5:15 pm

Dad gum it! That ol’ varmit who claims he can make the rain clouds drop a lake has snuck himself back into town. We recommend y’all steer clear of this snake oil salesman less’n you wanna laugh yourselves silly at his pugnacious pranks and far-flung promises.

  • Karoke, Where you are the Star!

Two John’s Saloon 2:30 pm & 5:00 pm

This is your chance to become a real singing star! Come on over to the “Two John’s Saloon” and choose from over 5,000 tunes.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be the next “American Idol.”